Wednesday, March 4, 2009

As Promised...More Nfu-Oh's in Green

Above: Nfu-Oh #123 in natural light and below with flash. A dark emerald green.
Below: Nfu-Oh #036 (4 coats!)
Below: Transformation! One coat of Nfu-Oh #036 over Misa's Toxic Seduction. Click on pictures to see the beautiful flecks of color.
Here are the some more of the non-flakies, this time in green. The flaky ones get so much attention, but I've got to tell you, I've been using my non-flakies (does anyone know the correct term for these?) all week and I really love them. The lighter colors I am finding are really quite sheer, and may work out better as a layer over the top of many darker colors, as you'll see below. I am not a fan of more than 2 coats, mainly because of time/drying issues and the lighter colors require about 4 coats for an opaque look. I was amazed at the transformation I got using Nfu-Oh 36 (a pale mint green) over Misa's Toxic Seduction (a dark pine green with a hint of teal). By using it this way I was able to see all the pretty little glimmer colors in the Nfu, as opposed to using it by itself. Don't forget to send me your beauty tips (see post below and sidebar). All submissions will be entered into a monthly drawing.

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  1. Nice color and layering! I e-mailed you a tip just now, too!