Monday, February 23, 2009

OPI Designer Series...worth every penny, especially when they're on sale!

OPI DS Chiffon. Oh so pretty! (click on pics for full holo effect!)
OPI DS in Amethyst. Holo goodness! (click on pics to view larger)

The OPI Designer Series (DS) are seriously some of the prettiest colors I've ever seen. They apply like a dream (these have the pro-wide brush) and are very resilient to wear and tear. The formula makes the polish appear to have a plush, velvet-like dimension like nothing I have ever seen. Having never owned any of these, you can be sure I almost screamed out loud when I spotted a display at a local salon marked as clearance at $4.00 each. They normally retail for around $12.00 each. Of course I bought every color they had available and don't regret it! These are the only 2 I've tried and the rest sit in my ever-growing 'untried' drawer. I really need to start working my way through that drawer. For those of you who love holographic polish, these are for you.


  1. YOU FOUND THEM FOR $4!!!!
    That's crazy!! I love OPI DS and the cheapest I found them for was $6.95 on
    I am soo jealous!

  2. Lucky you! Ihave a few and love them. I'm wearing one now but forget the shade. It's wearing well also.

  3. Oh my, Amethyst is GORGEOUS! $4 is a steal for such a lovely polish.

  4. $4.00!?!? I'm SOOOOO jealous! Enjoy:-)

  5. Yes, the price was definitely right. These are great polishes!