Monday, February 16, 2009

Nail Care & Nail Care Products

Several people have asked me how I care for my nails so I thought I'd do a post detailing that. There are many nail care products available and I'm always looking for something 'new and improved'. Right now I'm pretty content with what I'm using (pictured above), although there's always room for improvement. I do the most intensive care on my nails every Sunday evening. Here's what I do and I'd love to hear your routine as well:

~Remove polish using Beauty Secrets brand acetone remover. This can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply. I've tried many removers and prefer this one because it not only removes the polish quicker than others, but it is also gentle, non-drying to my skin and has a very subtle scent. I use cotton balls and although I've never tried it, small felt squares are said to work even better, especially for the glitter polishes.
~Wash hands thoroughly. I use a Bath and Body Works moisturizing soap so as not to dry out my hands. Trim and/or file nails as needed. A glass nail file can work wonders!
~Apply Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover completely around edges of the nail where it meets the skin. I leave it on for 10 minutes, which is longer than the directions recommend, but this works best for me. Some people choose to apply it, wait, then scrub it off with a nail brush or push the cuticles back with an orange stick. I prefer to wash it off completely (this is very important; you do not want to leave even a trace of this on your skin/nail, as it could cause damage). I then dampen the corner of a washcloth or hand towel (the rougher fabric, the better) and push/rub the cuticle and edges very firmly, removing them and any side little hangnails. This product is simply the best cuticle remover in my opinion and can be purchased at Walgreen's.
~Wash hands again, being very thorough.
~Apply Creative Nail Design Cuticle Eraser all around edge of nail where it meets the skin and rub it until absorbed. Again, a wonderful product and it can be purchased at any number of places including 8ty8 Beauty (see link on right column).
~I then apply a hand lotion to my hands and nails. I really like the OPI Avojuice's for this. They leave no greasy residue and smell divine. I wait about 10 minutes before applying my base coat.
~One coat of Sally Hansen Nail Quencher Hydrating Base (Walgreen's) coat is applied next. I then follow with my polish color. After just a few minutes of applying my final polish color, I apply one coat of INM's Out the Door Super Fast Drying Topcoat (Sally Beauty).

I use the Creative Cuticle Eraser every morning and every evening to keep my nails looking their best. When I get lazy or forget, I can really notice a difference. It also seems to magically refresh and brighten the look of the polish every time I use it. The Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover is not meant to be used daily and I find that once a week works perfectly for me. I hope my little insight into nail care helps someone, and again, I'd love to hear about your methods for keeping your nails looking their best!

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