Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Misa Promo Order!

I received my Misa order earlier this week (thanks, Scrangie!) and I love them all! I got the 'Living on the Fast Lane' collection along with several more, because if you didn't take advantage of this deal you missed out on some great pricing. I love the quality of Misa and their application is perfect. They go on smoothly and evenly and I have yet to find one I'm not happy with. I really enjoyed talking to the sales girl when I placed my order...we had a lovely conversation about the wonders of nail polish and she was very knowledgeable in helping me choose some additional colors. There were some beautiful brochures/color charts in my box so I thought they'd make a nice backdrop to the pics. The sun was streaming in the windows when I took the second picture and it lightened the colors up a bit. But it gave them kind of a "heavenly" look and that describes how I feel about this brand pretty well! If you haven't tried the Misa line yet, do yourself a favor and pick one (or ten!) up. You won't be disappointed. I can't wait for Spring to start wearing some of these beauties! Let me know some of your favorite Misa colors so I can add them to my collection.

Top l-r: The Grass is Greener on My Side, Ben-Her, Dirty Sexy Money, On the Edge, Right Here Now No More Later, Pour Me Something Tall & Strong. (click pic to enlarge)

Bottom l-r: Candy Girl, Camellia Destiny, Our Song, Push Upon It, Speed of Life, Stop Rewinding Just Fast Forward, Confection Section. (click pic to enlarge)


  1. Great haul, love those blues! You have created lemmings.

  2. I love Misa polish. I've started a nice collection of them also. I have a few the same as you. Online the colors and pretty, but when I get them they look even better.