Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Misa's Dirty, Sexy, Money...great name, great color!

This color is one of my new favorites. It is truly unique and the Misa name means it's a great polish, opaque in 2 coats with perfect application. The color is reminiscent of the dusty turquoise that was so popular in the 1950's, seen on everything from dinnerware to automobile paint. This color is probably not for everyone, but it is unlike any color I have ever seen. I can't wait to use it this summer as a pedicure color. This color is from the new 'Living on the Fast Lane' collection, which includes 5 other great polishes. These can be purchased at Head2toe beauty or Transdesign. The other polishes in this collection are lined up patiently waiting for me to try them, but I had to use this one first and I'm not sorry I did!

Adding to my own self-induced excitement over this color, I decided to layer Misa's 'Confection Section' polish over it. Everytime I say 'Confection Section' it makes me want to starting singing 'Conjunction Juntion, What's Your Function'! Sorry, back to the topic...I'd never used this polish before and I'm glad I gave it a test run. This is a great polish to use as layering. There are so many different looks it can be used for, depending on your base color. In the sunlight the tiny glitter pieces are mostly blues, pinks and silvery-golds, but once applied, they just look like yummy little confectionaries in various colors. Oooh, pretty colors!

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