Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Liquid Fire...Konadified!

I received my Konad order from wowsocool.com over a month ago and finally got around to trying it out today. All I can say is, what fun! This is going to do nothing but add to my already out-of-control nail polish addiction. It was really quite easy and with a bit of practice, I think I'll be more than satisfied with the results. This is the Sinful Merlot as a base and Sinful Orange Diamond for the pattern. Do not ask me why it's named orange diamond...it's clearly metallic silver. The only problem I had was using the metal scraper that came with the stamp. I used an old credit card (or you could use a plastic club card) with much better results. I've already started a list of more plates to order! This is the m-65 plate. Konading (is that a word?) gives you a great way to refresh your manicure if you don't want to go through the hassle of changing your entire color. I wore Merlot alone today and then used the Konad (which stands for Korean Nail Art Design) tonight for tomorrow's 'look.' Everyone at work likes to comment on my nails so I'm sure I'll hear plenty of them tomorrow! Do you think they laugh about me behind my back? Who cares!!!


  1. That looks great. Orange Diamond is a weird name for that silver, but its a lovely color.

  2. Love the manicure. Your nails look like tapestry material. Very pretty