Friday, February 20, 2009

Borghese Spring 2009 Collection

I'll post more about these tomorrow, including swatches. These are lovely Spring colors, all with a hint of shimmer. The names are so pretty, all relating to flowers. Left to right: Peonia Blossom, Piccola Tulip, Primula Primrose, Campanula Bellflower, Argento Mist, Giardino Heather. Although Piccola Tulip is labeled as a creme (c) while the others are labeled as a frost (f), in the bright sunlight, I can see the slightest hint of the shimmer that is more evident in the others. I'll know more about that once I try them out, but I wanted to get these posted today for your viewing pleasure. Click on the photo for a larger image. As if you needed more Spring collections to contemplate!


  1. I have been trying very hard to ignore this brand when I see it at the drugstore, but certain people are not making it very easy! I've seen some lovely swatches on MUA & I can't wait to see yours.

  2. Love the colors. Can't wait for Spring. I never tried this brand. I remember seeing the Borghese brand in department stores. This was years ago. They were a very expensive brand. I never saw any polish, just makeup and fragrance. I wonder if they still have the makeup. I was very suprised to see it in an ad for Walgreens.

  3. I bought the Campanula Bellflower and I get compliments over and over again. great colors

  4. Heather, it's a great color, I agree!


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