Saturday, February 21, 2009

Borghese Spring '09 Swatches

Left to right above: Campanula Bellflower, Argento Mist, Giardino Heather (click on pic for larger image)
Left to right above: Peonia Blossom, Piccola Tulip, Primula Primrose (click on pic for larger image)

The Borghese Spring '09 have been swatched! I posted the bottle pictures yesterday and did some quick nail painting (no clean up, no base or top coat) this afternoon to see how they looked. I have never used this brand and can't say that I love it, but I like it. The pics show 3 coats which was necessary to completely cover the tip. They are a bit streaky at first, but that may be due to the wonky brush. In all fairness though, I think I could get used to the brush and learn to apply it a bit better It's called a 'Duale Curve Tip Brush' and it's actually 2 brushes, side by side. You can see a picture of the brush here: It picks up a lot of polish so again, I think I need practice. The colors are all very pretty in real life and I like all of them. They're a bit pricey ($8.00 each) but they do go on sale. If you've been considering this brand, wait for a sale and pick one up. These can be found in many drugstore chains.

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